How It Works

Our program is simple and easy. You'll be assigned to one of our Account Executives who will seamlessly walk you through our process.  Here's how it works:

  1. Your Account Executive will gather information about your company and create a strategy for your ad. 

  2. One of our onboarding Agents will call and schedule an onboarding meeting (call usually lasts less than 30 minutes). They will gather additional information to help us create your ad and automations.

  3. A card will be put on file to pay for your ad spend. This allows you to control your daily ad spend budget and ensures that you own all the leads generated by our ad campaigns are for your company.

  4. After all needed information is gathered and the perfect strategy is assembled we create all your ads and automations.

  5. After the ads are created they will be sent to you for approval.

  6. Once the ad is approved by you and Facebook we send an initial set up fee .The initial set up fee depends on the number of ad campaigns created, our initial set up fee is $99 and it includes your first ad campaign. Each additional ad campaign set up after that is $49.

  7. After that all you pay us for is when we produce leads! You'll be billed at the end of each month according to the number of leads we generate for your company based on your cost per lead. We also provide monthly reports and insights to help you see the growth and performance of each ad campaign.

Once the ads are approved and the initial set up fee is paid your ad will begin to run. After that

-Initial set up fee

-They pay for ad spend


-Our recomendation

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