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The greatest hack to rank your site on Google

SEO Hacking

Are there any hacks that will help SEO and boost your search rank?

Wondering what you can do to get your website to rank in the top results on Google? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing traffic to your website by using strategies that help you rank higher on Google. In this article I'll outline a hugely overlooked tip to help increase your ranking on Google.

Ranking your website on Google can be difficult. It takes time, money and a lot of work. When it comes to SEO, results take time and usually don't come instantly. So what can you do to get an edge on the competition, especially when they have been at it longer than you have? Are there any tactics or hacks that might help push your site to the top spot sooner? Something to help give that extra boost?

Unfortunately, there aren't really any “hacks” that are going to do the trick. Google is so smart, they don’t really allow you to “hack” to get ahead. Google's always developing ways to ensure website owners can’t cheat to rank higher. The good news about that is you always know the playing field is level. Even though there are no hacks, there's a tip others don't know about and insane benefits that come from utilizing this not so well known bit of information.

What can I do to rank my site on Google faster?

Google employees, as well as their artificial intelligence (AI, or in their case, Google bots), have cracked down on the previous “hacks” people tried. Now, they focus on users' intent when they try to promote their websites. Things like, does this actually benefit people and make sense for the business, or is this just a tactic to appear higher in search engines? By doing so, Google ensures that the content they promote is beneficial, and relevant to search queries. This leaves us to rely on actually producing natural, organic results. If things are forced, and trust me when I say they can detect that, your website can be actually penalized, and in some cases even taken down.

With that said, there are practices that Google does allow, and actually encourage, that will help establish your website as an authority. In other words, “white-hat” SEO practices. Probably one of the best, and often overlooked “hacks'' that might speed up your page rank climb are reviews. Specifically, Google reviews (and yes, this is white-hat so long as you don’t try to cheat with fake reviews). Business owners, website creators, and SEO consultants often underestimate the effectiveness these reviews can have on your page authority.

How do reviews help my page rank?

1) Reviews tell google you’re legitimate

Reviews serve as a great source of information for Google. Reviews tell Google what customers think about your business and your website. If a website receives good reviews and customers are happy, Google can infer that you provide a reputable service that others will probably like too. We need to remember that Google is a business; they are trying to provide value and make customers happy so they can get paid too. “The customer is always right” applies even to Google.

Reviews are also a way to tell the search engine that you really exist as a business. If they can see your customers interacting with you online, they know you’re not a fake or spammy site.

2) Natural links

Customer reviews can serve as backlinks from Google to your business. Who wouldn't want backlinks from the most reputable source out there? Google tends to trust itself, which is why mention of your website or business from Google itself (or it’s users) could help propel your website upwards.

3) Keywords

Reviews may have keywords to pull up your website that otherwise might not be linked with your site. Think back to the time you were looking up spicy food and a restaurant came up, all because someone mentioned their food was spicy in their review. Reviews serve as an easy way to reach more people. You don’t even have to do anything (besides providing a reason for a review) and you get to target a larger audience than before.

By now you've probably got the point: reviews are important for SEO. Reviews are important for more than just SEO. They establish trust between customers and the business, can attract other customers who want to see what you've got for themselves, and make your business look very good. Whatever your reason, try to earn yourself good reviews, and as a benefit you might just climb the SERP leaderboards.

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