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Social Media Advertising: Why you should be advertising on Facebook in 2020

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Social Media Advertising Payout

Chances are if you have an effective marketing strategy, or are looking to get one, you have looked into social media advertising. You probably have even looked into advertisements on the mecca of social media platforms: Facebook (and for good reason).

According to a Facebook post by creator Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook boasts a network of 2.7 billion users as of April 2019 (Facebook, 2019). Of the 2.7 billion active users, 1.6 billion are connected to a small business on Facebook.

Furthermore, in 2018 roughly 78% of users (around 2 billion) found a new product to buy through Facebook. You don't have to dive very far to see the potential dough to be made by showcasing your product or service via Facebook.

So, outside of the obvious reason (pure exposure to billions of people), let's look at the top 3 reasons (not in order necessarily) you should be advertising on Facebook in 2020:

Reason number 1: Audience targeting capabilities

Facebook offers a plethora of different options when it comes to advertising on their social platform. From geographics to demographics, Facebook allows you to target as broad, or specific as you need to. Target options include physical location, age, gender, education, job title, behavior patterns, connections to your page, or even their friends connection to your page. You can also target your audience based on if they like a certain band, activity, or any other likes or interests they have on Facebook. The ability to target such a wide range of audiences, or as specific as you want, gives you all the needed control to run a successful marketing campaign.

Reason number 2: Ad placement options and customization

We know you can target just about anyone using Facebook's target audience features, but sometimes it's nice to dive deeper into your marketing strategy. This can be done with the amount of different types of ads Facebook lets you choose from. Options include video ads, photo ads, slideshows, carousels, and much more. When it comes to Facebook advertisements, it is easy to get creative, try different strategies, and see what works for your company. Maybe for your specific product, a picture of a nice juicy steak will do the trick. Or maybe, your audience is better suited with a video of someone shredding down the mountain on whatever device you sell. The point is (again), you have tons of control in how your brand comes across in your ad.

Reason number 3: Super cost effective advertising

Facebook's network might not be as large as Googles, but it's definitely less expensive. Running ads on google (though it definitely should be a part of your marketing strategy) can be very pricey. Google ads can cost anywhere from a few dollars to much, much more. It’s not uncommon to end up paying twenty or thirty dollars for EVERY CLICK from google ads in some competitive markets. Facebook ads on the other hand, are much less expensive (generally speaking). Facebook ads can run for a few dollars per click, and depending on the market, your cost per lead can be even less expensive on Facebook than your cost per click on Google Ads. If you're interested in generating leads using Facebook but don't know how or don't have the time, then check out our Cost Per Lead tool for free. This tool will give you an idea of how much it would cost per lead to work with us on your Facebook advertisements.

Facebook ads are hard to beat in terms of cost and customization, as well as return on investment. If you want help tapping into the network of Facebook, be sure to find a professional that uses a performance based model. This will help you avoid getting burned by the many so called “gurus” out there that lack experience or are looking to make a quick buck. Remember, whatever your advertising needs are, chances are Facebook ads are for you.



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