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Why your company needs to have a strong social media presence

Attracting a social media presence

It can be confusing deciding which mix of digital marketing strategies are going to give you the best bang for your buck, especially when there are so many different options out there. One thing, however, is for sure: social media is very important in your marketing strategy, and packs a nice punch from a relatively small budget. Businesses, when asked why they are getting on social media, often answer, “because we don’t want to get left behind” or “because it’s important”. Both of these answers may be true, but lack real substance. Let’s dive a little deeper into why your company really needs to have a strong social media presence, and what that can do for you in return.

First, let's start by defining what we mean by strong social media presence:

A “strong” presence is dependent on a few different factors such as your market, your competitors, what channels you are using, and even personal or business goals. Let's be clear though: 100 followers on Instagram is NOT a strong social media presence. It’s a start, but your company isn't going to have a lot of influence from even just a few hundred followers.

Lets also make sure we aren’t confusing a social media presence with social media advertising, which is also important, and can even have a positive effect on your social media presence, but is different. When we are talking about social media “presence” we are talking about number of followers, posting good quality content, and having a clear message and goals that come across. Basically, the amount of influence you have.

With that in mind, let's get into it.

What can a social media presence do for me?

I started with this first because we all want to know how it's going to benefit us before we waste time reading the rest of the information. A social media presence has all sorts of benefits, including but not limited to:

Reach a larger audience

This is so obvious I almost hate to include it here, however, it is important. Companies can find new people, or better put, help new people find them through valuable content on their social media. There are lots of ways to provide value, but generally this can be as simple as providing some useful information, or just plain entertainment. As your content gets shared or liked, your followers will grow and you will attract new people who maybe haven't heard of your brand or company before. Social media is great for getting your business in front of new eyes.

Influence in your business community

A very beneficial part of having a strong social presence is the influence that you carry. Your social media account can set you apart as a leader in your industry, and can provide your customers and employees a sense of the company's direction. Your social media presence is also a good way to show those in the community what you really know and set you apart in your field. Not only can you showcase your expertise for others to see, but it’s expected.

Communicate with customers quickly

If you want to send out a last minute promotion to help boost sales for the day, social media is the place to do it. Customers can receive a notification and see the promotion within a matter of seconds. Email promotions are a great tool as well, but most people tend to check their social media more often than their email, making it, in our opinion, a slightly better option (though both have their place).

Branding/Company Image

As you communicate with others on social media, you will start to form a “voice” or “tone” for your company. This can be helpful in establishing your brand as well. Proper branding can be the difference between a product selling for $100,000 versus $10. Social media provides an opportunity to showcase the style or the uniqueness of your product and set it apart from others. It allows you to really form the brand you want your customers to see, and tell them how your product will make them look or feel.

Help your website SEO and traffic

Another advantage of a strong social media presence is the referral traffic your website can receive. Customers that find you on social media can jump to your website straight through a link on your profile. This added traffic is a good indicator of trust and validity for your website and can even help boost your ranking spot on Google and other search engines. Some social platforms can even serve as outside links for your website, which can boost SEO.

As you can see, a healthy dose of social prominence has lots of direct, and indirect benefits. On to the next step: creating your social media presence.

How can I create a strong social media presence?

The first thing to have in mind are your goals and intentions when it comes to your social media presence. Having clear goals helps you stay on track, and be more efficient and clear with what exactly you are doing.

Being on social media just to “be on social media'' probably isn’t a good idea. Chances are you are going to waste time, energy, and money with no real aim. There are lots of reasons you should be on social media, and many goals that can help give you aim. A few common goals include increasing overall sales, attracting new customers or leads, increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, or even just driving more traffic to your website.

With your goals in mind, you need a plan of attack. A lot more goes into creating a social media strategy than you would think, so I generally suggest letting the professionals do it for you. If you’re set on doing it yourself, then do lots of research and make sure your strategy aligns with your goals and plays to your strengths.

Once you have your goals set, and a good strategy in place, then it’s time to start the GRIND. There are different theories on when and how to post to maximize your efforts. While one way may be better than another, the best practices to always keep in mind are consistency and persistence. Growing your social media platforms takes time. If you find it difficult to keep up, consider hiring someone to help you run your social media accounts that can confidently take care of it for you.

A strong social media presence is a worthy weapon to add to your marketing arsenal. Check out the social media services we offer to start building your social empire today.


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